Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Biscornu by any other name. . .

is still as lovely! This is the pattern for the biscornu we are doing in the EGA guild. It is a freebie at Teresa Wentzler's website but it is called English Garden something. It has beads in the buds and wherever there is a green shoot. It will have a border stitched around it. I took mine out to use a different thread. The back piece will have the out line stitched and some of the inside.
I did help with one but read the pattern wrong and only put the satin stitches in the corners and sewed on the beads. I put it together and sewed on the two buttons. It was easy to stitch and I will finish this one by the next meeting. I think it turned out to be very pretty.
I have many more to do from Barbara Ana, a couple from Helga and some I got off of Auntie's Attic. I will have a basketful by next year.

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