Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Here is a stitched picture my sister, Debbie, did and my brother and I successfully talked her out of giving it away. She put a lot of work into it and we wanted her to keep it in the family. She didn't need much encouragement thank goodness. She let my brother take it home for 3 months and hang it. Now she has it and my mom and I will get it for Christmas.
Pretty cool huh?
I am a picture framer so I stretched it for her and matted and framed it for her birthday. She came to the store and picked out the mats and frame and we put museum glass on it. It is amazing glass looks like there is nothing there. I was very proud about the way it turned out. It is done on a purple/blue background and it has sparkles in the halos and angel wings. It is quite stunning up close.
God Bless ~

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