Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tiger eyes are looking at you. . .

or so it seems. I have a twin brother who has been divorced for 21 years. He has not gotten involved with anyone much in all those years. He moved to Tulsa about 3 years ago and has fallen in love. Peggy, has never been married and she is finally committed to my brother. Long story short, they are getting married in Nov.
So. . . I stitched this white tiger eyes for her and I am going to mat it in a grey, blue and black mat and frame it in a black frame about an 1" wide with O's all around it. I am going to come down to the outline of the face top and bottom and in on the sides. When you look at it you will just see the eyes looking back at you!!! His eyes are stitched with blending filament so they sparkle that light blue, very striking!
I plan to take him to work Sat. and work on him then. She loves wild animals so I know she will love him. I will take a picture of him finished.

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