Thursday, June 18, 2009

Little Miss Muffet sat on her . . .

tuffet! Or biscornu, if you prefer. In America they are called biscornu's but in England and places across the water they are called tuffets or little pillows.
Thursday night at our EGA meeting we are going to look at these little pillows and finish stitching ours. I got the smallest pattern from Auntie's Attic and the one next to it.
I stitched the big one with a Dinky Dye silk called Airlie and Whitsunday. The littlest one was stitched with WDW Confetti.
Now to the biggest one. It is a Barbara Ana design and it has been put together once and I spilled my drink on it. Washed it immediately and when it dryed it was wrinkled so I took it apart and washed and ironed it again. I have not put it back together yet. Fact is, I misplaced it after I took the picture. But don't worry it is still here!!! Among all my stash!
This little one looks like it would be hard to put together but it was a snap. They are easy to stitch and easy to put together.
Thanks for looking ~

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  1. I love the squirrel and acorns piece.I immediately thought of the Go,Go Gophers! Remember them? I think that came on with Tennesee Tuxedo.Been too many years ago!